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Our Team

Pat Garcia

John Nelson
Vice President

Chief Marketing Officer

Open Spot
Director of Promotions

Rudy Garcia
Saddle Bronc Riding Director

Jonnie Jonckowski
Women's Bronc Riding Director

Rudy Archuleta
Bareback Riding Director

Chaz Pilley
Ranch Bronc Director
Ruth Riley

Rich Day
Senior Graphics Designer

Slim Britton
Judging Coordinator

Christi Edwards

Pat Garcia, Director of Ranch Bronc Riding

Pat Garcia, President

Pat was born and raised in Raton, NM and has been around horses all his life. About 10 years ago, he decided to enter the local rodeo as a bareback bronc rider. He soon discovered the sport of ranch bronc riding and that has become his passion. He even owns a string of bucking horses! When Pat was offered the opportunity to be on the Board of Directors of the SWBRA, he jumped at the chance. "No one ever really taught me how to ride ranch broncs, so I wanted to share my experiences with younger riders." Pat and his dad Rudy live and work on a ranch outside the very small town of Des Moines, NM doing what cowboys do best.

Rudy Garcia, Director of Saddle Bronc Riding

Rudy Garcia, Director of Saddle Bronc Riding

Rudy had his first job at the age of 11 working for a local rancher breaking horses. The horses would buck him off and he would jump up and get back on. That's how his love for riding broncs began. Rudy has been around rodeo's all his life, from being in the chute riding broncs and bulls to pulling gates and flanks. When asked to be on the board of the SWBRA, he willingly took on the responsibility. "It's exciting to help young riders realize their dream of becoming a great bronc rider and give them the opportunity to make a living doing what they love." Rudy and his son Pat live and work on a ranch outside the very small town of Des Moines, NM. He loves the cowboy way of life: riding, roping, working cattle and branding.

Rudy Archuleta

Rudy Archuleta, Bareback Bronc Director

Rudy was raised on the family ranch near Folsom, NM. Like most ranch kids he was around cattle and horses since before he can recall. He started riding rough stock out of a chute when he was 14. He was introduced into rodeo by a since departed friend name of Sid, Rudy still thinks of him often. Rudy married his soul-mate 35 years ago, they have one son and one grandson and several dogs they also love. Rudy says: "I believe a person, a state, a country and a world should live and let live. I do not tolerate prejudice, hypocrisy, nor unfairness in any circumstance, period. If you don't want my opinion, don't ask. I respect animals and tolerate most people. My church is the rim rock at 7000 feet, just me and my God. I have had, and still enjoy, a wonderful life and from here on out, I'm just going to enjoy the ride.

Chaz Pilley

Chaz Pilley, Ranch Bronc Director

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Slim Britton

Slim Britton, Judging Coordinator

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Ruth Riley, Secretary/Treasurer

Ruth spent many years working in the corporate world as Administrative Assistant to the General Manager of the Austin, TX Pepsi-Cola distributor. When the her mother retired, she and her mother moved to NE New Mexico to the family home place and a much simpler way of life. "I love the open spaces and beautiful blue skies of New Mexico." When asked to assist the SWBRA Board of Directors, Ruth was very excited to be on the ground floor of this new organization. And because Rudy and Pat were involved "I'd be going to the events anyway, so why not use my skills to get things rolling for this great group of people. I'm really thrilled to be a part of such a family friendly group." Ruth lives with Rudy Garcia and her step-son Pat on a ranch outside the very small town of Des Moines, NM. In her spare time she raises calves and vegetables.

Christi Edwards

Christi Edwards

Christi started riding horses before she could ride a bike and that passion has continued until this day. Christi lived in Oregon for a time where she participated in local rodeos. During her time in Oregon, she learned about ranching from her father and has continued to enjoy the hard work ever since. Christi has worked for tax lawyers and fortune 500 companies. For the past 10 years Christi has been an accountant for a small CPA firm in California. On her spare time she has been learning to team rope as well as rekindling her passion of barrel racing. Recently, Christi was invited to become one of the Directors for the SWBRA and is excited to be a part of a wonderful association.


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